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 All Star Rules


2019 Intertown Baseball All Star Day Rules  6/15/19

1) We will be playing by 2019 Intertown League Rules for both Minors & Majors, with the exception that Pitch Counts do not need to be followed. Pitchers can only pitch a Maximum of 2 Innings per game.  However if the game is tied at the end of the 6th Inning. The Pitcher that was Pitching the 5th and 6th Inning will be allowed to Pitch the 7th Inning. If the game is still tied going to the 8th Inning a new pitcher must enter the game.  Pitchers entering the game in the 8th Inning and moving forward until the game is decided, can only Pitch a Maximum of 2 innings.

2) Rosters are a  12  Player Minimum per game!  I realize that some players are involved in AAU, lacrosse and soccer.  Please plan accordingly to make sure you have 12 players for every game. Towns that have less than 12 players before any game starts, will be forced to take an out for the number of players they are short, when it comes to that number in the batting order.

3) Towns must have at least  1  Player picked from each of their teams involved in the Intertown League.  Towns can pick their teams as they choose, after that requirement is met. When your rosters are submitted, please provide the team the player plays for next to their name.

4) All Games are Single Elimination and the Home Team of each game, is based on the highest seed.  Seeding is determined by the overall winning % for each town.

5) Coaches, Players and Spectators are asked to uphold the spirit of Sportsmanship, to make it an enjoyable day for all!

6) We will again utilize satellite locations for the early rounds, with Finals at Washington Park Groveland for both Majors and Minors.


Rain Date Sunday June 16

Good Luck to Players and Coaches from each Town

Play Ball!