ITBL Playoffs - Majors

2024 Intertown Playoff Alignment MAJORS


All 12 Teams Make the Playoffs


American and National


6 American / 6 National


Top team two teams in each Division will receive a 1st round bye.

If teams are tied for a playoff spot, seedings will be determined as follows:

1)     head to head

2)     better record against teams ahead of you in conference

3)     better record against common opponents

4)     Coin flip

Example Playoff Pairings (Cross Over 1st Round Only): Away v Home

1)     #6 National v #3 American

2)     #5 National v #4 American

3)     #5 American v #4 National

4)     #6 American v #3 National

RESEED after each Round with highest seed as Home Team.

Single Elimination until Semi-Final & Finals Best 2 out of 3

Rainout Policy: Rainouts will be played the next night, in all playoff rounds, and the following games do not get moved.

Umpire Fees – Majors: $70 per umpire – each town will SPLIT the cost for every game, and each team will provide at least one new baseball per game. Semi’s and Finals will have 2 Umpires per game.

Game Dates (subject to change):

Date Round
Sun June 2nd Round 1
Tues June 4th Round 2
Fri June 7th Semi Gm 1
Sun June 9th Semi Gm 2
Tues June 11th Semi Gm 3 (if needed)
Thurs June 13th Final Gm 1
Sat June 15th Final Gm 2
Mon June 17th Final Gm 3 (if needed)
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