ITBL Playoffs - Minors

2024 Intertown Playoff Alignment MINORS


All 17 Teams Make the Playoffs


American and National

8 American / 9 National


With 17 teams, there will be 1 play in game with the two bottom teams in the overall standings.

If teams are tied for a playoff spot, seedings will be determined as follows:

1)     head to head

2)     better record against teams ahead of you in conference

3)     better record against common opponents

4)     Coin flip

Example Playoff Pairings with (Cross Over 1st Round Only-dependent on play in teams):

Play in Game: #9 National v #8 American (this pairing can change based on final standings)

1)     Play in Winner v #1 National

2)     #8 National v #1 American

3)     #7 National v #2 American

4)     #6 National v #3 American

5)     #5 National v #4 American

6)     #5 American v #4 National

7)     #6 American v #3 National

8)     #5 American v #2 National

RESEED after each Round with highest seed as Home Team

Single Elimination until Semi-Final & Finals Best 2 out of 3

Rainout Policy: Rainouts will be played the next night in all playoff rounds, and the following games do not get moved.

Umpire Fees – Minors: $50 per umpire – each town will SPLIT the cost for every game, and each team will provide at least one new baseball per game. Semi’s and Finals will have 2 Umpires per game.

Game Dates (subject to change):

Date Round
Monday June 3rd Play in Game
Wed June 5th Round 1
Sat June 8th Round 2
Mon June 10th Semi Gm 1
Wed June 12th Semi Gm 2
Fri June 14th Semi Gm 3 (if Needed)
Sun June 16th Final Game 1
Tues June 18th Final Game 2
Thurs June 20th Final Gm 3 (if needed)
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